UK Anti-Vax Militants Train For Mass Violence [VIDEO]

The Daily Mail reports:

Thousands of anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists have joined a group on social media that threatens ‘direct action’ and promotes combat training and mixed martial art sessions. Alpha Men Assemble, an online collective with more than 2,800 followers, has planned meetings to practice ‘training and strategy tactics’ in London and Lanarkshire.

At its most recent meet, close to 100 activists were pictured boxing and grappling with one another on a beach at Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Those attending are told to bring black uniforms, boots and a hat in order to ‘defend our children and women’, ahead of a ‘task’ that will be made clearer in late January. In video footage shared online, dozens of Alpha Men Assemble’s acolytes can be seen shoving one another in a mass brawl that was touted as a training exercise.

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