Tony Perkins: Biden’s Policies Are Worse Than COVID

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

At this point, the president’s virus failures have been so catastrophic that more people fear Biden’s policies than the virus itself. In a new Rasmussen survey, the pessimism about the pandemic across the country was palpable.

Forty-six percent now believe “the worst is yet to come” with COVID, the second-highest level of despair since the vaccines were released. Another 47 percent said they are more worried about the government’s ridiculous restrictions than contracting COVID (43 percent).

And they have reason to be. As this new wave of Omicron overwhelms cities, local governments like D.C. are taking their vaccine tyranny to new levels — requiring proof of immunization just to participate in society.

Starting January 15th, America’s capital will join Leftist hotbeds like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco in mandating that people aged 12 and up have at least one dose of the vaccine to step foot in a gym, restaurant, bar, and other businesses.

With award-winning hypocrisy, Mayor Muriel Bowser is also inching toward a photo ID requirement for vaccine cards — a step the city refuses to take when it comes to voting.

Is that even constitutional? We’ll find out. Right now, the courts are buried in challenges to Biden’s vaccine mandates — including the U.S. Supreme Court, which is set to hear arguments on an emergency timeline as soon as Friday.

Meanwhile, the court of public opinion has spoken. The American people don’t trust Biden, and they don’t trust his “experts.”