TikTok Bans Cultist Judicial Watch Head Tom Fitton

The Daily Beast reports:

Right-wing pundit and Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton has been banned from TikTok, the short video-sharing platform. He now joins the likes of fellow right-wing activist Roger Stone, who was also banned last year. “This account was banned due to multiple Community Guidelines violations,” a notice reads on Fitton’s now blank user profile. “Well, the communists running TikTok just ‘permanently banned’ my account,” Fitton wrote.

When he’s not parroting Trump’s lies about everything and screaming about Fauci, Fitton can be found posing in shirts two sizes too small and flexing his biceps.

Judicial Watch was founded by screeching nutbag Larry Klayman and is perhaps best known for filing countless failed suits against Obama.

The list of their many, many “false claims” maintained by Wikipedia is really something.