Three Women Charged With Beating Delta Workers

The New York Daily News reports:

A trio of unruly would-be passengers at John F. Kennedy Airport viciously beat down two Delta Air Lines employees after a flight crew decided they were too drunk and belligerent to board a flight to Puerto Rico, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Long Island residents Jordan Nixon, 21, Janessa Torres, 21, and Johanna Zavala, 44, were set to board a midday flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico on Sept. 22 after their morning flight reservation was changed.

In the intervening hours, the women ordered nine drinks at an airport bar and showed up to their gate visibly drunk, according to prosecutors.

The Washington Post reports:

The filings allege Nixon tapped the security officer on the head, then took his radio and began hitting him with it until he fell to the ground. When another employee tried to help the officer, Zavala punched that employee in the face, according to prosecutors.

All three women then began punching and kicking the officer as he was on the floor. Torres allegedly stepped on his head and face, causing his upper lip to bleed.

When he tried to get up to seek help from other crew members, the women allegedly grabbed him by his vest, tearing it. Both the gate agent and security officer were hospitalized and have not returned to their jobs, according to court papers.

The women face up to ten years in prison.