SCOTUS Case Could Legalize Quid Pro Quo Donations

Courthouse News reports:

As the U.S. heads into an election year, the Supreme Court will hear a case on Wednesday advocating for changing the limits for how much money candidates can recoup from their campaigns. A day before Election Day in 2018, Cruz loaned his campaign $260,000 — $10,000 more than the FEC’s limit for repayment. With $2.38 million in pre-election funds on hand, the committee could have paid Cruz back in full immediately following the election.

Because Cruz waited until after the 20-day deadline to inquire about repayment of the loan, however, he was subsequently paid back only $250,000 of his loan in accordance with the law. The government claims this was intentional. Focusing on the email Cruz sent to his campaign two days after the repayment window lapsed, they also argue that Cruz created this case purposefully to bring this suit.

Read the full article. As the headline below notes, a win by Cruz opens the door to quid pro quo donations that “add to the recipient’s personal wealth.” The details of how that would work are more fully explained at the link.