Ron Johnson Breaks Vow, Will Seek Third Senate Term

The Hill reports:

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) announced Sunday he will run for reelection this November, setting up a high-stakes Senate battle in a key swing state. Johnson’s decision to run for a third term breaks a vow he made in his 2016 campaign that he’d only seek two six-year stints in the Senate. Johnson is anticipated to cruise to the nomination, another advantage in addition to his already high name recognition as Democrats battle it out in a crowded primary.

Democrats have clamored too for Johnson to run again. The urge runs counter to conventional wisdom, which contends that open seats are typically easier to flip than going against a sitting incumbent with an existing war chest and large name recognition. But party operatives point to outlandish comments on the coronavirus, 2020 election, racial justice protests and more and view him as vulnerable.

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Johnson last appeared on JMG when he asked why people think COVID vaccines are “better than God.”

Johnson has claimed that Listerine kills COVID and has said that vaccines are pointless since vaccinated people can still get infected.

In August 2021, he declared on Fox News that horse paste works better than COVID vaccines.