QAnons Expect Dead 80s Pop Stars At Trump AZ Rally

Vice News reports:

In the crowd at Trump’s [Arizona] rally will be Michael Brian Protzman, the leader of the QAnon cult that has been holed up in Dallas for the last three months predicting the return of John F Kennedy.

In an audio chat on Tuesday, with over 1,000 people listening, Protzman once again claimed that President Joe Biden was never inaugurated and hasn’t been living and working in the White House but rather is actually part of a movie being filmed on a set in Culver City, California.

Some of Protzman’s supporters have also spotted that Trump’s official announcement mentions “live entertainment” as part of the rally, and suggested that this will involve a band made up entirely of dead musicians and singers, including Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, Tupac, and John Lennon.

Read the full article. There’s so much more crazy. Back in November, Protzman reportedly claimed that a Rolling Stones concert in Dallas featured Prince, Michael Jackson, and Aaliyah on backup.