Perkins: Democrats Exploit The Riot To Fuel Outrage

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

The rest of the country already celebrated Christmas, but for Democrats, it’s today. To them, the anniversary of the January 6th riot marks one of the greatest political gifts ever given — a terrible stain on our country that Joe Biden’s party will forever exploit and distort to keep the outrage about conservatives burning.

“Every day is January 6 now,” the New York Times had the audacity to declare. And maybe for the far-Left it is. For a struggling and fractured party with no successes to speak of, the constant reminder of 2021’s traumatic event seems to be the only thing they can grab to keep their socialist dreams afloat.

That’s not to say that what happened when the mob stormed the Capitol wasn’t repugnant. It was. But it was also the culmination of months of frustration, isolation, nationwide lawlessness, and despair, cheered on by (if not orchestrated) by the Left.

But the Democrats will eventually reap what they’ve sown — not just in their mischaracterization of what happened that day but for all of the lawlessness they condoned leading up to it.