NYC Mayor Eric Adams Demotes Brother After Backlash

The New York Times reports:

When Mayor Eric Adams named a Virginia parking administrator and retired police sergeant to a top position in the New York Police Department, he said the man had one qualification that no one else there possessed: He was the mayor’s brother. Bernard Adams, 56, a former police sergeant who retired from the force in 2006 after 20 years, has been given one of the most sensitive, elite jobs in city government: overseeing the unit that will protect the mayor’s physical safety.

Initial reports said that Bernard Adams would serve as a deputy commissioner, a role that typically comes with a salary of about $240,000. Mayor Adams said on Sunday that his brother would be responsible for other elected officials’ security, too. But city officials on Tuesday said that Bernard Adams’s actual title will be executive director of mayoral security. They could not say whether the title had existed before. Mr. Adams will only oversee his brother’s security, officials said.

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