Notorious Cultist Charged In Attack On Health Workers

The Daily Beast reports:

Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, a mascot for alt-right violence during the early Trump presidency, became famous brawling with leftist activists in California. He got probation for giving a man a brain hemorrhage with a barstool in Texas. Now he might have violated the terms of his probation by allegedly attacking health care workers in Idaho.

Chapman was a leader in far-right groups like the Proud Boys and the New England-based “Resist Marxism.” Since then, he has pleaded guilty or no contest to a series of crimes, ranging from violent attacks to trespassing on federal land—sometimes while on probation for previous offenses.

Chapman earned the nickname “Based Stickman” after he was filmed hitting a leftist demonstrator in the head with a club at the March 2017 “March 4 Trump” rally in Berkeley, California. The attack made Chapman an instant celebrity on the far-right.

The Idaho Statesman reports:

Chapman, 46, was arrested Tuesday by the U.S. Marshall’s Greater Idaho Fugitive Task Force without incident for battery against health care workers, a felony, Boise Police spokesperson Haley Williams said.

He was being held Wednesday on a $100,000 bail at the Ada County Jail. Ada County Deputy Prosecutor Welsh Whitney said Chapman expressed discontent with his treatment over the course of several days and “exhibit(ed) racial and sexist slurs against the hospital employees.”

Whitney added that Chapman has allegedly contacted the victim at Saint Al’s since reporting the incident, which is why Whitney pushed for the no-contact order.

My 2017 reports on Chapman are here and here. In 2019, Chapman’s “Resist Marxism” group was behind a far-right “Straight Pride” march in Boston.