MTG Attacks Lindsey Graham For Opposing Pardons For Rioters: “They’re Being Abused For Being White Males”

“Lindsey Graham has done nothing about J6. He doesn’t care about our justice system being completely violated by Democrats in their political war against Republicans and President Trump.

“I guess Lindsey Graham doesn’t care about being presumed innocent until proven guilty. Americans are being treated worst than Islamic terrorists at Gitmo and Lindsey Graham doesn’t care.

“He doesn’t care about their due process rights. He doesn’t care that they haven’t seen their families and are denied seeing their attorneys most of the time.

“He doesn’t care that these pretrial J6 defendants are denied hair cuts, shaving, chapel, and the most basic of human rights.

“He doesn’t care that they are abused in the DC jail because they are white, male, and voted for the very President that he supposedly supports.

“Instead of actually doing something about the great injustice happening to pretrial Americans awaiting their day in court, Lindsey Graham turns his head to their abuse, votes for Joe Biden’s nominees, votes for Joe Biden’s Infrastructure bill, and then pretends to be a friend to President Trump.

“Aren’t we all sick and tired of those kind of ‘friends’?” – Marjorie Taylor Greene, posting to her Telegram account.