Mother And Daughter Pair Plead Guilty In Capitol Riot

Law & Crime reports:

Carla Krzywicki, 20, and her mother Jean Lavin, 56, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a single count of parading, demonstrating, or picketing inside a capitol building. The misdemeanor charge carries a potential jail sentence of six months.

Lavin and Krzywicki got into the capitol from one of the building’s terraces, which they reached by climbing a bike rack that the mob had turned into a ladder. Police had originally been using the bike rack as a barricade against the protestors.

Photos and video show Lavin carrying a sign that said “Trump Won” on one side; the other side said as follows: “Don’t allow 7 states of cheaters to hijack our election!” “This is history,” Krzywicki wrote on Facebook. “We come for the government officials that are ruining our country. Change needs to happen.”

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