Maxwell Seeks New Trial After Comments By Juror

ABC News reports:

Defense attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell want a new trial following post-verdict comments made by one of the jurors who helped convict Maxwell of sex trafficking crimes, according to a court filing Wednesday. Earlier Wednesday, federal prosecutors in New York asked a judge to oversee an inquiry after the juror granted multiple media interviews in the last two days that have raised questions about the integrity of jury selection.

The juror, identified using his first and middle names, Scotty David, told Reuters, the Daily Mail and The Independent that during jury deliberations he shared a personal experience of being sexually abused as a child when some of his fellow jurors questioned the accuracy of victim accounts. “If it wasn’t disclosed, I think it’s a serious problem,” David Greenberger, an attorney with Bailey Duquette P.C. who was not involved in the case, told ABC News.

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