Manafort Book To Tell “Real Story” Of His “Persecution”

The Daily Beast reports:

Paul Manafort—the ex-Trump campaign manager who was pardoned by the former president after lying to investigators who were looking into Russian election interference — has landed himself a deal for a whiny-sounding book about how awful it was to be convicted for fraud. The book, Political Prisoner: Persecuted, Prosecuted, but Not Silenced, is set for release in August of this year, according to information from its publisher, Simon & Schuster.

From Simon & Shuster:

Political Prisoner tells the real story of Paul’s life and career, exploding the lies about his work in Ukraine, his previous work with foreign governments and business interests in other countries, his involvement with the Trump campaign, and the “process crimes” for which he was wrongly convicted and sent to prison. It is no exaggeration to say that everything most Americans think they know about Paul Manafort is false.