Man At Center Of Cultist Conspiracy Claims To Testify

Politico reports:

Ray Epps, the former Arizona Oath Keeper at the center of pro-Trump conspiracy theories related to Jan. 6., intends to sit for a transcribed interview Friday with the select committee investigating the attack on the Capitol, his attorney said in a phone interview.

Epps, who has become the centerpiece of an unsupported GOP claim that the FBI incited the mob that ransacked the Capitol last year, met with the Jan. 6 select committee in November and told them he had no relationship to the FBI or any other federal law enforcement agency.

Epps has kept a low profile since Trump’s allies began promoting a theory that Epps was a federal agent. Their claims stem from videos taken on Jan. 5 showing Epps urging Trump allies to “go into the Capitol” — an exhortation that some in the crowd quickly booed and responded to with chants accusing Epps of being a “fed.”

Read the full article. Last week Ted Cruz went on a podium-pounding rant about Epps and Trump named Epps at his Arizona rally on Saturday.