Joe Rogan Promotes Coming Anti-Vax Rally In DC

Media Matters reports:

On the December 31 edition of his Spotify podcast, Joe Rogan invited scientist and COVID-19 misinformer Robert Malone to promote the upcoming Defeat The Mandates D.C. rally, which aims “to end the vaccine mandates” and other public health measures implemented during the pandemic.

Malone has repeatedly spread misinformation and conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic, including falsely claiming that “it’s the unvaccinated that are at risk from the vaccinated.” Rogan has repeatedly spread lies about the coronavirus and vaccines on his Spotify podcast.

The Defeat The Mandates D.C. rally’s sponsors include Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s anti-vaccine group Children’s Health Defense and The Unity Project, whose leadership board includes a veritable array of COVID-19 misinformers, including Peter McCullough, Paul Alexander, Tess Lawrie, and Pierre Kory.

Malone was finally banned by Twitter last week.