Homocon Rioter: My Ankle Monitor Sucks, Send Money

From convicted homocon rioter Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots, So, this is the current state of affairs. For the next three months I’ll be on house arrest.

It’s funny how I thought it would be fine and maybe even kind of relaxing- and just over 24 hours later I’m already having thoughts of jumping out of my window to the street down below.

Here’s the thing- I love working. I love being active and effective and doing events and getting out and making things happen. I HATE sitting around and watching TV and being idle.

I’m going to keep working during these three months, but it’s already been a year of sitting around and waiting through my case. Another three months is unimaginable, but of course I will get through it.

Many of you have asked if my probation will make it difficult for me to travel. The answer is: NO! I have no travel restrictions, so the first hot second that this damn ankle monitor comes off is the moment that #WalkAway will hit the road and DO A LIVE EVENT!!!!! How ready for that are you guys???

I still have the civil case against me to face and more than likely that committee that’s desperately trying to find an organized plan for J6. I also intend to spend some of this 3 months reading books that I’ve gotten over the years but haven’t been able to read yet. Lots to catch up on!

The email closes with the usual money beg.