Homocon Fake News Site In Major Feud With Rioter

The Daily Beast reports:

Popular far-right website The Gateway Pundit, which played a key role in pushing Jan. 6 “false flag” conspiracy theories, has found an unlikely new enemy in Capitol rioter Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet. The intra-right-wing drama hit its ugly lows with Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft accusing Gionet of being a “fed,” and the far-right streamer’s allies calling Hoft a pedophile.

And the feud recently reached a climax when a lawyer representing The Gateway Pundit allegedly sent an email threatening a lawsuit against a far-right podcaster who welcomed Gionet onto his show to respond to allegations that he’s a federal agent.

In December 2021, Hoft, who has been repeatedly dubbed “the dumbest man on the internet,” published an article claiming Gionet, an ally of white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes’ “groyper army,” is an undercover federal agent who deliberately sought to incite violence at the Capitol to frame then-President Donald Trump and his allies.

Read the full article. Oh so much deliciousness.

On the above-cited podcast, Gionet and the host accused Hoft of being “interested in young boys” due to his recent marriage to a young immigrant.

Hoft is being sued by two Georgia election workers who say his posts resulted in death threats against them. He’s also being sued by a employee of Dominion.

Gionet was charged in the Capitol riot last January and was arrested again last month for defacing an Arizona Hanukkah display.

Gionet appeared on JMG in June 2021 when he live-streamed himself ridiculing victims at Orlando’s Pulse memorial. He appeared here in March 2021 when he petitioned federal prosecutors to remove his ankle monitor because “I’m a Christian.”

As I’ve previously reported, Gionet is among the most notorious of the accused rioters. He first gained social media fame for a widely-copied stunt in which he “forced” Starbucks employees to call out Trump’s name.

Gionet makes his living by live-streaming himself harassing and pepper-spraying passersby, during which his audience eggs him on and tips him in the live-stream’s chat function.