Hometown Paper Shreds Pompeo’s Weight Loss Claims

From the editorial board of the Kansas City Star:

We asked weight loss experts, and people who have lost large amounts of weight themselves, whether it’s possible to lose 90 pounds in six months simply by eating better and hitting a humble home gym for half an hour five or six times a week. Their response? Absolutely not, almost certainly not, and hahaha. That’s what Mike Pompeo, who represented Kansas in Congress before going on to become Donald Trump’s favorite cabinet member, told the New York Post that he did.

“I’ve done this for 20 years,” and never seen anything like that, said Micah LaCerte, who’s considered Kansas City’s top personal trainer. “He would have to be on a massive starvation diet,” probably taking in no carbs at all. And even then, “no way with only a half-hour workout. Ninety in six is unbelievable, especially for his age, unless he’s working out for hours every day. The numbers just don’t add up. Dude, just be honest. Mike, come on, man.”

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