Hannity: Forget The Vaccines, “Focus On Therapeutics”

Media Matters has the transcript:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I think the debate over vaccinations are over. I think at this point, now if you had the vaccine, you’re fully vaccinated, even had the booster, and you even had previous infections and Omicron got through.

That means the only thing we need to really be focused on, if we’re gonna do science here, would be therapeutics.

I talked to Dr. Oz and I’ve talked to other medical doctors that I know and all of them speak very highly of the antivirals put out I think by Pfizer.

I know Pfizer and I think the other one’s Merck and they’re very effective, but the availability is almost nonexistent in some areas.

Just like, you know, why didn’t Joe Biden Operation Warp Speed, testing kit, so every American can get a test whenever they want one?