Fox News Host Calls For Curtailing COVID Tests [VIDEO]

“Not only are you not allowed to talk about therapeutics, therapeutics have been completely vilified over the past year and a half. We have no interest in helping sick people.

“In fact, we villainize sick people, certainly if they’re not vaccinated. So, that’s the topic when it comes to monoclonal antibodies. It’s fallen at the altar of the vaccine because you’re not allowed to talk about therapeutics.

“We are suffering from a pandemic of positive tests. I don’t think we need more tests. I think we have enough tests.

“We are testing asymptomatic, healthy people, we’re sacrificing businesses. People and our economy are falling like flies, not to being sick, but to being suffering from a positive test.” Will Cain, today on Fox & Friends.

Cain recently appeared on JMG when he declared that masks don’t work and that you don’t need the vaccine if you’ve already had COVID.