Federal Judge Orders Sobbing Proud Boy Back To Jail

Law & Crime reports:

A federal judge has ordered a Proud Boy who was spotted on tape throwing a sign inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6 back to jail, after multiple violations of his court-ordered curfew. Joshua Pruitt was captured on video throwing a “Quiet Please” sign while inside the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Court papers show Pruitt flashing an “OK” hand sign, which was appropriated by white supremacists as a symbol for “white power.” Pruitt posed in another photograph with an assault-style rifle, standing on a Black Lives Matter banner, with his shoes over the message, prosecutors note.

“I’m sorry,” Pruitt began, audibly crying as he spoke. “I went through hell over the last year.” Pruitt described being fired from one job, and said that on at least one occasion he couldn’t make it back home due to a snow storm.

Read the full article. Prosecutors noted that many of his alleged curfew violations involved being out at at night “in proximity to bars and nightclubs.”