Dan Crenshaw Goes Viral For Argument About Jesus

The Houston Chronicle reports:

The footage shows the 37-year-old former Navy SEAL at a Montgomery County Tea Party meeting on Monday night responding sharply to a young girl at a speaking engagement after being presented with quotes from past comments he’d made on the Jocko podcast back in March of 2020. The video begins with the girl quoting remarks made by Crenshaw in which the congressman seemingly likened Jesus to a fictional character.

“I can’t wrap my head around this,” she finished. “Well, let me help you,” Crenshaw responded. “Put a period after the word ‘Jesus’ and don’t question my faith.” Crenshaw’s response drew boos from the crowd and a loud “Wow” from one onlooker. “You’re talking to a little girl!” someone shouts. “You can’t talk to a kid like that.” “Don’t question my faith,” Crenshaw repeats. “You guys can ask questions about all these things, but don’t question my faith.”

The Texas Signal reports:

“Nowhere in that quote am I saying Jesus is not real, that’s a ridiculous statement,” Crenshaw says. He then accuses the girl of twisting his words, “which is not very Christian.” The entire fiasco smells a little like astroturf.

Do we reasonably expect a 10-year old to find an unflattering and unreported quote from Crenshaw in a self-help leadership podcast marketed to members of the military?

And the video of the spat itself was posted by a senior staffer for Club for Growth, a right wing political action group that made headlines for spending $20 million on lawmakers who voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election (Crenshaw not among them).

Cultists are celebrating on Twitter, claiming that Crenshaw was “owned by a 10-year-old girl.” Crenshaw is trending at this writing and the clip below has over one million views. But it’s all staged by his opponents.