Cruz Money Beg Accuses FBI Of Planning Capitol Riot

Mother Jones reports:

A few days ago, Cruz sent out a fundraising email embracing the right-wing crackpot notion that the insurrectionist January 6 attack on the US Capitol was orchestrated by the FBI or another government agency.

Hardcore Trumpists, most notably Fox host Tucker Carlson, have pushed the fact-free idea that the Deep State engineered the assault on Congress to discredit Trump and his political movement. And Cruz has rushed to the front of the loony train.

In the email, he darkly asked, “Did ANY FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events that day?” And to bolster his innuendo, he reiterated another unfounded far-right claim: “We know the FBI has been misused in the past to target President Trump and our conservative movement and run interference for the Democrats.”

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