Crenshaw: “Petty And Childish” MTG Is Running A Scam

“@realmarjoriegreene, instead of playing the victim about censorship maybe use your position as a LEGISLATOR to help pass LEGISLATION against censorship.

“Luckily I’ve already done all the hard work for you and drafted a bill that would change Section 230 to prohibit political censorship.

“Want to co-sponsor before I introduce it? Or prefer to keep up with petty and childish attacks? Your call.

“That Marjorie scoffed at the notion of supporting anti-censorship legislation is indicative of her true intent: to remain a victim.

“She doesn’t want solutions and she doesn’t care if you get censored. She just wants to be a victim so she can keep asking you for campaign donations. It’s a scam.” – GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw, posting to Instagram.

Last month Crenshaw denounced the House Freedom Caucus as “a bunch of grifters and liars.”