AZ Rep Who Signed Fake Doc Was Previously Banned By Twitter For Running Paid Troll Farm With Charlie Kirk

From an October 2020 Arizona Republic report:

Jake Hoffman’s Twitter account now shows as suspended; Twitter told The Republic it is permanently suspended. Hoffman has said he is the president of and CEO of Rally Forge, the firm that was banned, which he called “one of the nation’s top conservative digital agencies” in the Center for Arizona Policy’s voter guide.

The firm created accounts that were engaging in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” — essentially trolling by posting comments that appeared to be real people commenting on news and sharing right-wing opinions.

The Washington Post broke the story on what some experts characterized as a “troll farm” where teenagers wrote posts on social media on behalf of Turning Point Action, a conservative group working to elect Republicans and led by Charlie Kirk.

My first report on this cultist is here.

Turning Point USA is also based in Arizona.

(Tipped by JMG reader Alan)