Australia To Kanye: Don’t Come If You’re Not Vaxxed

Reuters reports:

Hip-hop artist Kanye West will have to be fully vaccinated if he wants to give concerts in Australia, Scott Morrison said on Saturday, after media said the performer planned an Australian tour in March.

“The rules are you have to be fully vaccinated,” Morrison told a news conference on Saturday. “They apply to everybody, as people have seen most recently. It doesn’t matter who you are, they are the rules. Follow the rules – you can come. You don’t follow the rules, you can’t.”

The vaccination status of West, a 2020 US presidential candidate who won fewer than 60,000 votes, is unknown. In a 2021 interview on social media he said he had received one vaccine dose but in a 2020 interview with business magazine Forbes, he called getting vaccinated “the mark of the beast”.

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