Anti-Vaxxers Are Claiming Booster Killed Bob Saget

The Daily Dot reports:

The death of actor Bob Saget is already proving to be fodder for anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists. They’re convinced he was killed by the COVID-19 vaccine. Saget’s cause of death hasn’t been revealed, but to anti-vaxxers, his death could only have been caused by the vaccine.

The sole shreds of evidence for such rumors appears to be a joke Saget made on Twitter last summer and him mentioning getting a COVID vaccine booster.

In July, Saget tweeted, “I get vaccinated five to six times a day and I feel great!!” Following his death, someone commented on the tweet, “dude the jab definitely got em.” In mid-December, Saget said on his show that he’d recently received a booster shot.

Read the full article. Claims about Saget are predictably spreading on Telegram’s QAnon channels. I’ll spare you the examples. As you may recall, these freaks made the same claim about Betty White, who suffered a stroke six days before her death, according to new reports today.