Anti-Vax Pastor Loses Lockdown Suit Against Louisiana

The Associated Press reports:

A Louisiana pastor’s lawsuit over Gov. John Bel Edwards’ past COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings was rejected for a second time Wednesday by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson in Baton Rouge said the lawsuit by Tony Spell seeking an order blocking the restrictions is moot because the restrictions expired long ago. And Jackson rejected Spell’s request for damages from state officials.

Spell garnered national attention in March 2020 when he began to flout the state’s public health order at a time when much of the country was in lockdown over the emergence of COVID-19.

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Spell, who in 2020 was arrested for gunning a church bus in reverse at a protester, last appeared on JMG when he declared, “The world doesn’t need any fag sissy pastors, it needs men with callused knees.”

In 2020, Spell’s lawyer was hospitalized with COVID and at least one of his parishioners died. Spell gained further national attention in 2020 when he told his congregation to give him their stimulus checks.

In 2021 he threatened a judge, telling him that he would “face the judgment of God” if he dared rule against him. Among Spell’s lawyers was Roy Moore.