Anti-Vax Group Behind Arson In Australian Capital

The Guardian reports:

Leaders of a group of protesters who set fire to the facade of Old Parliament House in Canberra are closely linked to a complex network of anti-vaccination and conspiracy groups which have been accused of spreading misinformation in Indigenous communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fire, which broke out during a protest at the entrance to the building on Thursday, caused extensive damage to the doors and portico. Old Parliament House fire protesters linked to anti-vaccine and conspiracy groups. Among the protesters are Indigenous land rights activists, anti-vaccine groups and so-called sovereign citizens.

The latter is a fringe conspiracy group rooted in antisemitism and organised around a haphazard collection of pseudo-legal beliefs broadly grouped around the notion that modern government is an illegitimate corporation.

Read the full article. The Old Parliament House was the seat of government from 1927 – 1988 and now serves as a venue for exhibitions and concerts. The final clip below shows protesters setting the fire and forming a human barrier so its start could not be seen from the street.