Anti-LGBT Ex-MI House Speaker Admits To Multiple Affairs, Claims He And Student Were Consenting Adults

The Associated Press reports:

A former Michigan legislative leader on Friday denied allegations that he raped his future sister-in-law starting when she was 14 or 15, saying they had a sexual relationship for years but that both were consenting adults. Lee Chatfield, a Republican who led the House in 2019 and 2020, has had multiple extramarital affairs including with his accuser, his attorney Mary Chartier said in a statement. He “deeply regrets” his decisions that have caused “great pain” to his wife and family.

Chatfield, 33, was a teacher and the athletic director at the time before winning election to the Legislature in 2014. His father is the pastor, school superintendent and a teacher. Michigan’s legal age of consent is 16. First-degree criminal sexual conduct — the most serious offense — is defined to include a specific prohibition against a teacher assaulting a student under 16. For third-degree sexual assault, the age of consent is 18 if the perpetrator is an employee in the victim’s school.

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During his tenure in the Michigan House, Chatfield loudly opposed all attempts to expand LGBTQ protections. He was removed from his first post-legislature job over his anti-LGBTQ past.

Chatfield appeared on JMG several times during 2020 for his attempts to strip Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of her pandemic-related powers.

In late November 2020, I reported that he and other Michigan GOP leaders had met with Trump at the White House to discuss overturning Biden’s win of the state.