US Navy To Start Discharging Sailors For Refusing Vax

Defense One reports:

The Navy will start processing unvaccinated active-duty sailors for separation under a new policy guidance released Wednesday. Thousands of sailors risk ending their career’s early and repaying bonuses and education fees for failing to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus by the end of November.

“We want every sailor to receive the vaccine and stay Navy. And if a sailor gets their shot, we will honor that and make every effort to retain them,” Rear Adm. James Waters, the Navy’s director of military personnel plans and policy, told reporters. “On the other hand, those who continue to refuse the vaccine will be required to leave the Navy.”

Read the full article. According to the report, only 1.6% of active duty sailors have refused the vaccine. Around 3000 have requested religious exemptions but none have so far been approved. Earlier this week the Air Force also began discharging vaccine refusers.