Sarah Palin: I’d Love To Run For Office Again [VIDEO]

Newsmax reports:

Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and 2008 running mate to the late Sen. John McCain, told Newsmax she’d love to return to political office.

When asked on Wednesday’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance” if she would return to political office, Palin responded: “I would love to. I would never say never. I’m not so obsessively partisan that I’d let that get in the way of just doing what’s right for the people so I would love to.”

Palin, who has not shied away from hot-button issues, maintained that when it comes to vaccines, “natural immunity” has shown to be “27 times more” effective.

Back in July, Palin said that she would run for the US Senate “if God wants me to.” God has so far remained suspiciously silent. Earlier this month, Palin declared that she would get vaccinated “over my dead body.”