Ron Johnson: Since The Vaccinated Can Get COVID, “What’s The Point” Of Even Having Vaccines? [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

The eponymous host of Tucker Carlson Tonight was off Monday night, but viewers were nevertheless still treated to a context-free discussion about fully vaccinated individuals contracting Covid-19. As has been noted the world over, being vaccinated against the coronavirus does not necessarily prevent people from getting Covid-19.

However, it makes them far less likely to require hospitalization or die from the virus as opposed to unvaccinated people.

This well-known fact went unmentioned during a conversation between guest host Sean Duffy and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). “Listen, we all hoped and prayed the vaccines would be 100% effective, 100% safe, but they’re not,” said Johnson. “We now know that fully vaccinated individuals can catch Covid, they can transmit Covid. So what’s the point?”

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