Rioter Claims Secret Society Tricked Him Into Rioting

The Orange County Register reports:

A former Orange County police chief turned yoga instructor and conservative protester is seeking to have the Capitol insurrection-related criminal charges he is facing tossed out by arguing he was the target of a FBI counter-intelligence operation and accusing his former allies of being government informants.

Alan Hostetter, who is serving as his own attorney, this week filed with a Washington D.C. courthouse a motion to dismiss the federal case against him, alleging “outrageous government misconduct.”

The Daily Beast reports:

Hostetter, an alleged member of the “Three Percenters,” told a federal court Monday that the Yale secret society “Skull and Bones” works for the government and ordered him to raid the building that day.

According to Hostetter, the group worked in tandem with the government and secret Christian denominations to entice him to join the raid.

Bloomberg News reports:

As “proof,” Hostetter claimed those groups had a long history of colluding with the government and said one of his co-defendants was a Mormon. “Skull and Bones,” to which both Presidents Bush belonged, has long figured in conspiracy theories.

Though Hostetter’s specific allegations are particularly far-fetched, the idea that the government secretly engineered the Capitol riot as a “false flag” operation has gained traction on the right.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pushed that theory in his “Patriot Purge” documentary.