Police: Apple AirTags Being Used To Steal Luxury Cars

CTV News reports:

Police in York Region say they have discovered a new way in which thieves are using Apple technology to track and eventually steal high-end cars in the area.

In a news release issued Thursday, investigators said they have identified at least five incidents since September where suspects have placed Apple AirTags in “out-of-sight” areas of the vehicles when they are parked in public spaces like malls and parking lots.

Thieves then use the AirTags, a small circular device that can be tracked via the “Find My” app, to locate the vehicle at the victim’s residence.

Ars Technica reports:

When Apple debuted its new AirTag tracker earlier this year, part of our review focused on the privacy implications of the device. We called the device “a rare privacy misstep from Apple.”

Apple did build some anti-stalking functions into AirTags—if your Apple device detects that you’re being followed by an unfamiliar device, it will alert you, as long as you’re running iOS 14.5 or newer.

A female TikTok user went viral last month with clips showing how an ex-boyfriend had used an AirTag to stalk her. Other TikTok users say they’ve used an AirTag to catch a car thief.