Rand Paul: CNN Lies About My Disaster Relief Hypocrisy

“When we spend everything that’s within our budget, that it should be paid for by taking money from places in the budget from places that are less essential. I think that’s a very reasonable fiscally conservative. But, you know, you watch CNN and you have people who basically all they care about is attack, attack, attack.

“We’re trying to bury the dead and CNN’s busy fighting some left-wing partisan war founded on dishonesty. And I informed the CNN reporter of that yesterday and they didn’t report one word I said. All they’re going to do is basically lie to people. But it’s also why nobody wants to watch them anymore.

“They used to be a trusted source of news and now, my goodness, it’s just a factory of lies and partisanship and I don’t know how anybody can watch it anymore.” – Sen. Rand Paul, telling Fox News that people are lying about his history of opposing disaster relief for any state that isn’t Kentucky.

As you can see below, it’s all on video.