Passengers Brawl Over Masks On Delta Flight [VIDEO]

The Daily Mail reports:

Tis the season to deck fellow travelers in the aisle of your holiday flight.

A ‘loud, drunken’ passenger who was reportedly violating mask mandates on a red-eye Delta flight from Los Angeles to Memphis engaged in little impromptu MMA with a fellow traveler, a newly released video on TMZ shows.

The man in blue, who apparently had a little too much Christmas cheer, was not wearing his mask properly, annoying other passengers.

TMZ reports:

The guy he was fighting had apparently said something like, “You must be from L.A. because you think you’re better than everyone else” … whatever that means.

One of them said to the other, “You’re a really horrible person,” and that apparently triggered the fight.

They really went at it … causing chaos in the cabin. Strangely, police were nowhere in sight when the flight landed. The 2 men both went to baggage claim but kept their distance.