Official: SD Gov “Intimidated” Me About Her Daughter

NBC News reports:

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s daughter received unusual treatment in an application for her real estate appraiser license, including an extra opportunity to obtain it after failing to meet federal requirements, the former director of a state appraiser agency told lawmakers Tuesday.

Sherry Bren’s testimony before a legislative panel was the first time that she has spoken in depth in public about Kassidy Peters’ application and about a meeting that her mother called last year to discuss the appraisal process. The panel began looking into the July 2020 meeting at the governor’s mansion in September.

Sioux Falls’ CBS News affiliate reports:

In 2019, Peters applied to be certified. On July 27th, 2020, she received a letter saying she had been turned down. On that same day, a meeting was held at the governor’s mansion with several people including Noem, Peters and Bren.

Bren testified she was surprised to see “other attendees” at the July 2020 meeting. “This meeting’s a little bit of a fog to me,” Bren said. She says she was “nervous” and also felt “intimidated.”