Nikki Haley Goes Crawling Back To Kiss Trump’s Ring

Playbook reports:

Nikki Haley finally landed a one-on-one with Donald Trump after he rejected her request for a sit-down in February, following her condemnation of his actions on Jan. 6.

While Haley faced the prospect of being one of Trump’s sworn enemies ahead of a potential 2024 presidential campaign, she praised him during a recent speech in Iowa and said she won’t challenge him in a primary (something Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t done).

So last week, nearly 10 months after the first snub, Trump finally granted her a visit to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the ring. “He doesn’t see the point in making enemies,” a source close to Trump said, adding that the former president is still skeptical of Haley because of her back-and-forth statements about him. “He likes teasing people,” another aide said.

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