Money Beg Launched For Douche Who Trolled Biden

From the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo:

Jordan is a family man, with young children, and currently lives in Oregon. The Oregonian reached out for an interview with him and did with most leftist publications do, they took things out of context, and made Jared seem like the bad guy.

He has since been getting death threats at his home.He and his wIfe have been praying about moving.

I’ve encouraged him to use this as an opportunity to share his side of the story, and also be willing to except donations from those that may want to help him get out of Oregon to a more patriotic state. That’s why I set up this Fund for him and his family.

Please give what you can as a tip, as a thank you, or as a let’s go Brandon of your own to help this young man and his family get to an area of the country that would appreciate him for what he did.

The page was launched by prominent Trump cultist David Harris Jr. and has raised $775 at this writing.

Meanwhile, Twitter is burning up with questions about why Schmeck left the police force.