Megyn Kelly Rants Against “Dem Virtue Signaling” Face Masks: “I Feel I Have Joe Biden’s Hand Over My Mouth”

“I stayed out of the sun for 30 years so that I could have relatively decent skin by the time I was 51, and I have it, and I don’t feel the need hide it behind a disgusting mask that can cause outbreaks.

“My skin looks better without that damn mask on. I don’t want to hide behind it. I also just find it annoying — it hurts the back of my ears after a while, I don’t like that.

“Another thing I hate about it is I feel like it’s wearing a Democratic virtue signal. It has morphed into a political signal, and one that I don’t support.

“I almost feel like I have Joe Biden’s hand over my mouth. I want to say, ‘Get your hand off my face, I did what you wanted me to do for almost two years, and now I want to move on. You can’t guilt me forever.'” – Megyn Kelly.