Liberty Counsel: Australia Is Turning Into “Auschwitz”

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Prevented from speaking to one another, inmates at an internment camp howl like monkeys, alerting others to approaching guards. This isn’t a WWII history lesson—it’s happening right now in Australia’s “COVID camps.”

Meanwhile, the CDC has published its own plan for similar forced isolation camps here in America. In April 2020, we warned about forced vaccination and Vaccine Passports. And we are doing everything to stop this insanity.

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Another video has been leaked by yet another Australian COVID detainee. This footage shows inmates howling like monkeys to signal the approach of a guard.

The other inmates repeat the howl as the camp guard delivers something to a containment cell a few bungalows down. The chilling video called to mind stories of Holocaust survivors and their attempts to communicate “inside the wire.”

RELATED: Staver has claimed that vaccine mandates may cause plane crashes. He also claims that the COVID vaccine causes miscarriages, sterility, brain damage, and is intended to “stop procreation.” On a July podcast, Staver’s guest declared that that vaccine contains graphene oxide with the intent of “linking people to the internet.” According to Staver, world health authorities, including the US federal government, are colluding with “Big Pharma” to hide the cure for COVID. Staver recently appeared on JMG when he falsely claimed that Biden has “exempted” members of Congress from his vaccine mandate. In fact, no president has the power to mandate anything for the legislative branch. The Liberty Counsel sued the Pentagon over its vaccine mandate in October.