Johnson Warns Of “Tidal Wave” Of Omicron Cases

Politico Europe reports:

Britain faces an oncoming “tidal wave” of cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant, Boris Johnson warned, as he promised all eligible adults in England a third vaccine dose by the end of December.

Speaking in a pre-recorded address to the nation Sunday night, the U.K. prime minister urged Britons to get their “booster” dose and launched what he called a new “Omicron Emergency Boost” initiative.

It means a previous deadline he set – offering a third jab to all eligible adults in England over the age of 18 by the end of January — has been brought forward by a month.

The Associated Press reports:

Long lines formed at vaccination centers in Britain as people heeded the government’s call for all adults to get booster shots to protect against the omicron variant of the coronavirus, which the prime minister said Monday has caused at least one death.

U.K. health authorities say omicron cases are doubling every two to three days in Britain, and it will replace delta as the dominant strain within days. But it’s unclear whether the expected wave of infections will inundate the country’s health system.