Ingraham Rants About “Lackeys” Cheney And Kinzinger

“Both publicly and privately, I said what I believe, that the breach at the Capitol on January 6th was a terrible thing.

“Crimes were committed, some people were unfairly hounded and persecuted and prosecuted, but it was not an insurrection. To say anything different is beyond dishonest and ignores the fact of that day.

“People like Liz Cheney will soon lose her Wyoming primary. Adam Kinzinger quit before the voters could oust him.

“But they’ll both end up – probably – as MSNBC commentators. They’ll both become Democrat lackeys like Nicolle Wallace, Bill Kristol, the whole crowd.

“Largely irrelevant with no real constituency, but pretty handsomely paid.” – Laura Ingraham, last night.