Homocon Rioter: 2021 Sucked For Me, Send Money

Via email from convicted homocon rioter Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots, I’m not sad to see 2021 go. The year started for me with the FBI coming into my apartment, taking my things, putting me in handcuffs and throwing me in a cell for days.

That was the beginning of what has been a year long nightmare. Most of you still don’t know 90% of what has happened. I truly believe this has all been an attempt to kill my spirit and kill my relationship with all of you.

I spent most of this year trying to cope with all that has been done to me. Again, much of this I’m not comfortable articulating yet. I’ve certainly had days, perhaps even weeks, when I began to ask myself if I would survive this.

It is an indescribably horrible situation to have to spend an entire year having terrible and untrue things said about you, written about you, implied about you, etc, and not even be able to respond or set the record straight.

As we get close to the finish line with much of this, a coordinated effort has been made by the media to create a ridiculous story that is trying to make me sound untrustworthy to a conservative audience.

I’m not going to lie- I worried about it for several days. I wondered if my people would fall for their bullshit. With the exception of about 5 people, literally nobody did.

It can be almost torturous to work your heart out on things and not even know when you’ll ever be able to show the world what you’ve done. But we moved forward every single day running on faith.

God has got me. He’s got you. And He’s got #WalkAway. There is no power greater than this.