Franklin Graham: Satan Is Trying To Destroy Christmas

The Christian Post reports:

The Satanic Temple of Illinois displayed a sculpture of an infant version of Baphomet in the state Capitol rotunda in Springfield Tuesday, which can be seen as “just another very sad attempt” by the devil to destroy Christmas, Graham told Fox News today.

“King Herod sent his troops to Bethlehem to hunt for the baby Jesus to kill Him, and so the devil has been trying to destroy Christmas ever since,” he said. “And this is just another very sad attempt.” Next to the Satanic display, the state of Illinois put up a sign citing First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of worship.

Read the full article. As you probably know and as Franklin Graham definitely knows, the Satanic Temple is actually an atheist group who says right on their website that Satan does not exist. Graham will never let his followers in on the joke because he needs to fuel the “outrage” machine nonstop to continue his grifting.