Former Employee Sues Fox Finance Guru After Allegedly Being Fired For Not Trying To Pray Away Coronavirus

Religion News Service reports:

A former employee of Christian finance guru Dave Ramsey is suing his former boss for religious discrimination, claiming he was fired for putting his faith in science and not prayer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawyers for Brad Amos filed a complaint Monday (Dec. 13) in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, alleging there was a “cult-like” environment at the Lampo Group LLC, the company Ramsey leads near Nashville.

The complaint claims Lampo, better known as Ramsey Solutions, violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by requiring employees to abide by Ramsey’s religious beliefs about COVID-19.

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Ramsey is the former host of a Fox Business show and still appears there regularly.

Ramsey last appeared on JMG back in March when it was reported that he’s fired over a dozen employees for having premarital sex.

He also appeared on JMG when he declared that if a $600 stimulus check was likely to change your life, your life was already fucked up to begin with.

Ramsey has also made news for pulling a gun during a company meeting.