FL Axes Anti-LGBTQ Bullying Portal From Its Website

Florida Politics reports:

The Florida Department of Education has removed an anti-bullying portal from its website, including links to LGBTQ advocacy groups. The removal comes following changes to the DOE webpage for the Office of Safe Schools, created under the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.

According to the Florida Capital Star, DOE removed the anti-bullying page after the news site inquired about the LGBTQ resources listed on the site.

When pulling the bullying portal, the department removed links to state anti-bullying policy, LGBTQ advocacy groups and other bullying prevention resources. The Capital Star on Friday reported that DOE officials said the content on the bullying page was under review. Officials did not immediately return Florida Politics’ request for comment.

Read the full article. The Florida Capital Star is part of a flotilla of Bannon-linked pro-Trump right wing news sites. NPR published an exposé of the outfit back in July.