DeSantis Shares Stage With Anti-Vax QAnon Activist

Politico reports:

A Miami activist Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office handpicked to amplify his criticism of critical race theory has espoused views aligned with QAnon conspiracy theories and appears to support those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Eulalia Maria Jimenez, the chair of the Miami chapter of Moms for Liberty, stood with DeSantis earlier this week as he touted legislation to combat critical race theory.

During the press conference, Jimenez described last year’s demonstrations after George Floyd’s killing as “race wars” and railed against critical race theory teachings.

Read the full article. On her Instagram page, you’ll find the usual rants about demons, child smuggling, witchcraft, and the “poison” vaccines. Also, you’ll find some batshittery about “magick” and “starseeds.”